Online registration

List of registered competitors

Entry fee:

registration and payment 
until 29.02.2024150,- CZK
01.03. – 30.6.2024300,- CZK
01.07. – 11.07.2024500,- CZK
 on site700,- CZK

Start is possible for 2011 and older. The 12 km course is open to competitors of the year 2009 and older. For competitors under 18 years of age, written consent of a legal guardian is required (included in the entry form). Competitors under 18 (including those registered online) will submit this "REVERZ - Declaration of Legal Liability for Personal Injury and Property Damage" signed by the legal representative when collecting the chip.


On-site registration is possible on the day of the race from 12:15 to 13:30. It is recommended to arrive on time and avoid waiting in line.